Sunflower Tipis

Passionate about tipis

Sunflower Tipis is lead by Tim, now in his seventh year of building tipis. Tim has developed a number of unique tipi features with the leading British tipi manufacturer, and continues to work closely with them to bring forward new ideas for customers. No two events should ever be the same and Sunflower Tipis’ ethos is about working with you to make your own party individual to you.

We specialise in the smaller Little Hat, Baby and Midi Hat tipis, all highly versatile and visually impressive tipis.

The Little Hat tipis can either be open-sided or partly enclosed and with a 7m diameter, they are also maybe not so little !

The Baby tipi is the smallest of the conventional shaped tipis, whose sloping sides reach the ground. However our Baby Tipi can have two of its nine sides rolled up, allowing a large open side, or can have separate entrance porches fitted.

The Midi Hat is a larger version of the Baby tipi, with an 8.4m diameter, however unlike the Baby tipi some or all of its sides can be raised, rather than rolled up. If all nine sides are raised it resembles a Little Hat, but with an impressive covered area of over 11m (36ft) in diameter. Vertical back panels can be fitted to the raised sides.

We can also hire in a Big Hat tipi, which has a diameter of 10.3m if you would like it in combination with our tipis, although we specialise, unlike other tipi hire companies, in mostly providing the smaller sized tipis that fit into most back gardens. If you have a lawn, I’m sure we can find a tipi to fit your requirements !


Our area of operation

We are based in Cheshire, close to the Shropshire, Staffordshire and Welsh borders, so we will happily supply tipis to anywhere within around two hours travelling time. Specifically we serve :-

  • Cheshire
  • Shropshire
  • Staffordshire
  • south Lancashire
  • Wrexham
  • Denbighshire
  • Flintshire
  • north Powys

If building two Little Hats we will also cover the Cotswolds.

Except for free local delivery, a mileage based delivery charge of 50p/mile will apply.

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